Mark Ugalino (he/him/his)

Computational astrophysics, large-scale computing, open-source science


Welcome to my page! I am a Filipino astrophysicist in the Astronomy PhD program at the University of Maryland College Park. I work with Professor Benedikt Diemer on large-scale magnetohydrodynamic simulations of galaxy formation. I previously worked with Professor Robert Fisher on large-scale simulations of type Ia supernovae at UMass Dartmouth, and Professor Ian Vega on theoretical astrophysics at the University of the Philippines Diliman. 

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UMD GRAD-MAP is a physics and astronomy REU that aims to improve the representation of, and climate for, historically marginalized groups in the field of Astronomy and Physics. 

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Check out UP Astronomical Society, one of the largest student-run astronomy organizations in the Philippines


Take a look at Professor Ian Vega's Gravity Group at UP Diliman where my career started!

Just for fun, check out my academic lineage here:  Physics Tree