Outside Work

Bali, Indonesia (2024)

Taiwan (2024)

First semester with the 2023 Astronomy cohort (2023)

East Fork Trail, Los Alamos, New Mexico (2023)

AAS 242 at Albuqueque, New Mexico (2023)

Los Alamos, New Mexico trails (2023)

Washington DC stroll with UMD graduate students (2023)

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (2023)

University of Maryland Astronomy department open house, College Park (2023)

Play Arcade with Fisher Group, Downtown New Bedford (2023)

John Witherspoon by Lesa Redmond 


Princeton University, New Jersey (2023)

New York City (2022)

Tuebingen, Germany (2022)

University of California at Santa Barbara (2022)

University of the Philippines, Fisher Mall Quezon City (2022)

Franconia Notch, New Hampshire (2021)

Pinto Art Museum, Philippines (2019)

Van Gogh Immersive Experience, Philippines (2019)

University of the Philippines Lantern Parade (2019)